How Do I Order A Shed?

The simple process of ordering a shed


We have made buying a custom, top-of-the-line shed truly easy. In fact, we have a hard time believing it could really be any easier.

Our online Builder is a marvel of technology. It allows you easily pick the specifications you want and need for your new space, all the way down to the very detail. You might think “so what?” However, when you step back and realize that we have more than nine-hundred-fifty quadrillion (950,000,000,000,000,000… that’s a lot of zeros) possible shed combinations, being able to do this with ease is wonderful. To be completely honest, it’s actually fun! To begin, all you have to do is enter the builder and pick your options! No signing up, no confirming a bunch of emails, no waits, just get started.

Builder Sections

The Builder is broken down into three main sections - “Sizing”, “Details”, and “Purchase.” “Sizing,” naturally, entails selecting the overall dimensions of your shed - namely the width and length. From there you will move onto the “Details” section, allowing for complete customization of your new space, from the wall height and siding materials to the window trim color and other decorative elements. You are free to make it completely custom, and completely yours. Lastly, you are lead to the purchase page, where you can securely enter your information for purchase and delivery. Here, all of your information is encrypted using CIA-grade specifications, and you are sent a receipt and some information to get you started - no accounts, no wasted time.

Saving Progress

If at any point you have to leave while building, simply click “Save & Exit” in the upper-right of the screen. All of your Builder data will be saved directly on your computer (no personal information though, we never store that), allowing for resumption of your build whenever ready!

Start a New Build

Also, you can reset the build at any point, clearing your local save file and allowing you start your build fresh. Do note, though, that your shed you are actively building will not be recoverable once reset, and you will truly need to start the build over.

Extra, Inline Help

Lastly, our favorite feature, the Builder incorporates inline help, which can be received by hovering on the “?” marks, or clicking “Help” in the upper-right menu of the Builder.

Did that help? If not, try again or send us an email.