Do I Need Louvers or Ramps?

We often consider louvers (utilized as additional shed ventilation) and ramps either minor cosmetic enhancements or an utter God-send, depending on the shed’s use. In one camp, people could do with or without. In the other, additional ventilation while working on cars, painting, etc., is a must. They also help improve lighting within the shed. As for that ramp? You don’t even have to walk up a step… need we say more?

That being said, we include them. Standard. On everything. They do no harm, and look purty. However, if you are planning on using a shed as a living/working space that doesn’t require constant fresh air, or will be heated/air conditioned - “custom” is our middle name - and, we can exclude louvers [upon request.](( for a Custom Build Without Louvers)

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