Do I Have To Use the Builder?

Techniques for ordering a shed


When creating the Builder, we truly stepped back and thought what could set us apart from the competition, and make building a wonderful custom shed truly an easy, enjoyable task. With those goals in mind, the Builder was made. Although it’s our recommended method of creating a shed, for ease of use on your part, and speed on ours, there are a number of other options.

Phone or Email

At any point, if you want to talk to a human you can call us at (603) 642-4500 Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00, or Saturday-Sunday, 12:00-5:00. You can also just send us an email. When calling, we request that you have some specifications in mind and a credit card at the ready.

Dealer or Warehouse

Throughout the greater New England area we have many dealers. Each of these dealers has a fairly large lot of our pre-made, beautiful custom sheds. These are small businesses run by only the kindest of people, and we hope if you’re in the area you might consider checking them out and supporting your local business.

Lastly, you can, at any point, stop by our large lot and warehouse at 16 New Hampshire 125, Kingston NH 03848 - roughly 10 minutes down 125 from Haverhill, Massachusetts. We generally have about 20-30 of our custom sheds on lot, with about a dozen swing sets (to keep the kids occupied). We need no prior notice before visiting the lot, and it is open 247 to visitors.

Did that help? If not, try again or send us an email.