Delivery Day Procedure

How to prepare for when your new space arrives


Ah, delivery day! The day your beautiful new space arrives (finished for living or not) is truly a day to be remembered!

Procedure Initiation

After the order has been received and processed by our online Builder, you will receive a receipt in your email inbox within an hour of purchase. From there, we will process the order on our end, and begin crafting the space you’ve been dreaming about. If you have any additional requirements not outlined in the Builder, it is a good idea to get in touch with us within 24-hours of purchase. Sometime within the next couple of days, while the shed is being constructed, from the ground up, we will call the number on record (provided at time of purchase) to confirm a day for installation.

Procedure Execution

On the agreed upon delivery day, we will securely load up the shed on our flatbed truck and head out to your destination. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by several of our friendly shed installers, ready to put the space together in the desired location. At this stage, the shed installation lot should meet all zoning and installation requirements, allowing for quick and successful installation. If the lot if not properly prepared, the shed installers may be able to prepare the site at an additional charge, or reschedule for another day, with a possible additional fee.


In addition to meeting the proper zoning and installation requirements, it is absolutely crucial that the site is less than one-hundred feet (100’) from where a large truck and trailer can park. If the shed site is between one-hundred feet (100’) and two-hundred (200’) from a possible parking area an additional $80.00 charge will be incurred, due at time of installation. For any site further than two-hundred feet (200’) from a possible parking area, please get in touch within 24-hours (or, ideally, before) purchase.

Did that help? If not, try again or send us an email.