Dealer Locations

The few, the proud, the people who sell sheds


While we are proud of what we are today, and that we got here making the sheds that we love to build, it all wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of help from many different dealers, constantly proclaiming how good our product truly is. Below is a list of all the dealers in our repertoire, along with their general contact information and location:


New Hampshire

Rhode Island

Becoming a Dealer

If you are interested in joining the above and becoming a dealer, we would ecstatic to have you come aboard! We provide each dealer with a marketing package (brochures, and other printed materials) and as many sheds as they can or want to fit on their lot. As a result of letting us use their space, they get a hefty percentage of the overall sale! If you have some extra space, and a good location, what’s there to lose?

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