Can A Shed Be Moved?

You can put it here, there, anywhere

When building the shed in our shop in Kingston, New Hampshire we create each part from scratch, dry assemble the shed to assure everything fits, and it looks exactly as requested. Once we have all fallen in love with the quality and design, we part ways, pack it securely on our truck, and head to your location, where it is assembled for realsies. (…what?)

Although it may seem to come in a million pieces, that’s just to assure thorough transport, when hauling across the great North-East. Some towns (a lot in Rhode Island, specifically) require sonotubes for the shed to be placed on, further solidfying its foundation, however, sonotubes or not, with the right machinery (or enough man-power), you can just pick it right up and place it in a new location. This is great for moving, or when the shed is just blocking your light and you’re trying to even out your tan, etc.

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