Are Sonotubes Required?

A guide to sonotubes and their installation

What Is a Sonotube?

“Sonotubes” are cardboard/fibrous tubes inserted into the ground, beneath the shed, and filled with concrete. They act as a leveling agent, a firm foundation, and elevate the shed to prevent flooding, etc.

Are They Required

Most towns/cities/states do not require sonotubes for construction of a shed. However, it is always a good idea to confirm with your town whether or not this is a requirement (particularly if you are in Rhode Island or a seacoast area).

Installation and Layout

The sonotube configuration is quite simple. There has to be eight (8) in total for any shed foundation, and laid out in a square/rectangular configuration. There needs to be four (4) on each side along the width, evenly spaced, in one foot (1’) from the exterior edge of each wall.

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